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Delivery Reports

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Know if your SMS has been delivered

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Delivery Reports lists SMS messages, their delivery reports and their status. You can export the list by e-mail or in a file.

Consulting many SMS delivery reports is sometimes painful with Android. You need to open the discussion, long press on the message and select Properties.
Some old non-tactile phones have a menu entry which lists the delivery reports.

First, you need to activate the request of a delivery report in your stock messaging application. This may result in additional charges from your carrier.
On many devices, launch the app Messages, select Settings, SMS and check Delivery reports.

This app does not send SMS or activate standard SMS delivery reports. Sometimes your messaging app or carrier doesn't support acknowledgment for SMS (don't blame Delivery Reports for that).



    to list messages
    to use contact name in the list
    to backup the SMS list to a file

Privacy Policy

Delivery Reports does not communicate over the Internet and does not store or transmit any user data.


Delivery Reports 2.0.1

  • Size: 66023 B
  • MD5: 24dd284bc3a60d855215b3d3776d06bb
  • SHA1: 8f9a10ded16047d93db31a8847b211ca2fa3cfbc

What's new

  • Backup of the SMS (mail or file)
  • Bugfixes

Delivery Reports 1.0.4

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  • MD5: 62c800205307e3c897b68999d862f6c8
  • SHA1: 07309727b009de49abcacd94d42b5ee7c75d698d

What's new

  • Display of delivery time