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Voting Service

  • Free
  • Once a day

I will upvote your post

How it works

Just drop the address of the post you would like to be upvoted, and wait. It can take some time.

Enter the post URL to vote

Delegators get 100% of their share. Earn curation rewards instead of loosing dust!

Delegate HIVE
5 HP 10 HP 20 HP 50 HP 100 HP 500 HP

Delegate STEEM
5 SP 10 SP 20 SP 50 SP 100 SP 500 SP


  • Works on Hive and Steem
  • You can request one vote once a day per author or IP address
  • Comments will not be voted
  • It's free of charge and without guarantee
  • Bots, spammers and other abusers will be banned
  • Curation rewards shares are paid at the beginning of each month

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